Insane South Korean Girl Is Breaking The Internet – Videos and Photos

Hot korean Girl

Insane Korean Girl Breaks the Internet: Is this Insane, Sexy, or Just Plain Stupid?

We at Burn Down Hollywood love us some weird Sh*t!  And this is definitely F’d up!

This South Korean sensation goes by the name “Showry” and has taken the internet by storm.

The problem is, nobody knows why.  Maybe the reason is different for everyone.  Weather she is smearing food all over the place, singing “Under the Sea” from inside a mini-fridge, or wearing skimpy clothing and screaming; people can’t seem to clearly pin why they’re watching her videos.

We believe that she has hit the trifecta of what makes a viral video.

  1. Hot chick in skimpy clothing
  2. Comedy
  3. Odd human behavior

We think that a lot of guys out there actually think this is hot!  We are sort of inclined to think so as well, but she’s just so weird.

Tell us your opinion in the comments below after checking out our favorite Photo and video picks from Showry.

Find Showry Here on Facebook, or check out her less entertaining Youtube page.

Visit Showry “Under the Sea”

Do you like Ketchup?  Showry wants more ketchup.  lol

Watch as her Balloon Boobs inflate.  Hilarious!

This one is definitely our favorite! (Hamburger Fighter)

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