Don’t Spoil Star Wars: Facebook Ruined Star Wars For Me

Storm Trooper

Some Jerk Spoiled Star Wars For Me:  An Open Letter…

At this point in my life, I thought that I had surrounded myself with people that were considerate and cool; even within my FB friends list. Apparently that’s not the case.

Like most, I have been counting down the days to see the new, exciting, updated installment of my favorite sci-fi franchise (Star Wars: The Force Awakens) . Hell, I’ve been counting down since Lucas handed it all over to Disney…. and before that even.
After a really tough couple of years for me, it is the little things that matter most. Like being able to forget about everything for 2 short hours while watching my childhood heroes brought back to life through the magic of cinema.

    After years of waiting, and months of staying away from any mention or view of Star Wars related things; some inconsiderate TURD MUNCHER posted a photo with one simple sentence, which gave away the most major plot point and twist of the film.

    This is a person from my past that ADDED ME to facebook recently and I was hesitant to click on that “confirm” button. But, I did so anyway; assuming that the years had offered some growth and maturity.

    ….aaaaaand over the weekend, minutes before I left to go see this wonderful epic space opera, I scroll down facebook and my eyes are quickly attracted to a photo of one of the main Star Wars characters, with a few short words over it, in giant, bold, font. It was worded so simply that my brain automatically processed it before even having the chance to stop reading. THAT’S ALL IT TOOK! ONE SHORT SENTENCE, to ruin that which I had waited so long to experience.

    To make it worse, since the damage had already been done, I scrolled through the comments on this person’s post and it was clearly done maliciously. Just to piss people off.

    Well, IT WORKED !!!!!

    The following day, I noticed that this very inconsiderate person, had taken down the post and is likely losing other friends over this act of idiocy….. INCLUDING ME.

    Thankfully, I was still able to enjoy the movie due to Abrams’ fantastic filmmaking skills. But, I just know how much more exciting and memorable it could have been if someone didn’t decide to be a complete TOOLBAG!

    WISDOM: If for any reason, you feel the need to attempt a similar inconsiderate, “toolbaggy” act of this manner; Remember that the most simple and insignificant things to you, might just mean the world to someone else.


-Dennis D.

p.s. thanks for indulging and check out these rad pics I took of the Storm Troopers on display at the Arclight Theater.

…end transmission.

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